Tips for long lasting and perfect natural makeup

Tips for long lasting and perfect natural makeup

Makeup Artist @loveyaya05

All Products from Hansaegee Nature:
*VACCI Makeup Base
*VACCI Liquid Foundation

Sharing best makeup base+foundation
❀Sy try VACCI green makeup base on the medium brown skin ,,mmg cantik skin nampk natural bright dan kenapa i prefer makeup base vacci sbb i notice makeup lebih long lasting skin complexion nampak glow after makeup done
❀Foundation Vacci texture lighweight easy to blend wit brush or sponge i use both
❀Best thing of these two product u can even mix Vacci Green base and foundation on hand first then apply or use separately. (I try both method)
β€’If ade dark circle bole guna Vacci lip tint apply under eye then guna foundation or concealer yg anda suka

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