MY EVERYDAY MAKEUP 2018 (tips & tricks) | Beata

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Here’s an updated everyday makeup tutorial for you guys!
I love you all with all of my heart!!

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1) Clouds by Joakim Karud

2) Sleep Talking- Charlotte Lawrence

3) Ocean Eyes- Billie Eilish


  1. Ashley Jordan says:

    love ittt. also, CONGRATS ON REACHING 300 SUBSCRIBERS!!! so so beyond proud of you! keep up the amazing work you always put into your videos. love ya! ❤️

  2. Hailly Bailly says:

    Ahhhh Beata you leave me shook every time you upload a new video! In love with it and definitely also with you!❤️

  3. Jonė Nargelaitė says:

    Viskas super, aš ir labai džiaugiuosi ta kontūravimo palete!!! Taip pat dėl antakių patarimas – apatinę jų liniją pravesti antakių pieštuku ar šešėliais, labai gerai atrodo, bet tik apatinę! Čia prieš pradedant juos ryškinti:)

  4. HeyGorgeousxxx says:

    Happy New Year Beata! This everyday makeup look is beautiful on you, so wearable and perfected! I loved looking at your tips and tricks 😘 This video was great to watch so I’ve given you a thumbs up beautiful! I’d love if you’d quickly have a look at my channel to? 💕

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