LIVE Beauty Product Review – Skincare and makeup | Ep 055

Join me now to chat about OUTSTANDING natural beauty products! Shout out to GoPure Skin Care, Hynt Beauty, inVitamin, Teadora, Juice Beauty, Erin’s Faces, Kosmatology, Violets Are Blue, Aroma Actives USA, Badger Balm and so many more!! I am so obsessed with Facebook Live as a platform! It’s so amazing, I’m going back and migrating my old videos to YouTube so they can live forever! To tune into my Facebook Lives, like me on!

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  1. Arlene Gladu says:

    Hi Shopie,

    Any suggestions for organic hair coloring products ?

  2. Christina Knapp says:

    I can not find the list of 2017 award winners. Is there a trick to finding it on your blog? I even put it in your search bar.

  3. Christina Knapp says:

    I can’t see the awards on your blog.

  4. Christina Knapp says:

    First time watching!

  5. Leah Rouse says:

    Thanks for sharing on YouTube Sophie! I rewatch all your videos. 😆❤️

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