Beginner Eye Makeup | Eye Makeup Series Week 1

Beginner Eye Makeup | Eye Makeup Series Week 1
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Beginner Eye Makeup Tips & Tricks ►

Beginner Makeup Tips & Tricks ►

Eye Makeup Tutorial For Beginners | In-depth ►

How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger ►

Brushes Used By BlankCanvasCosmetics :
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Face Brush :
Eye Brush :
Lid Eye Brush :
Crease Eye Brush :
Highlight Eye Brush :

Clear Eyeshadow Primer |
Tinted Eyeshadow Primer |
Concealer | NYX HD Concealer |

Eyeshadow Singles Vanillia –
Eyeshadow Singles Warm Taupe –
Eyeshadow Singles Sienna –
Eyeshadow Singles Noir –

Eyeshadow placement and smudging | E04 Short Flat Shader
For blending in crease eyeshadow | E01 Eye Blending Brush
Eyeshadow placement and smudging | E12 Pencil
For precise blending and placement | E05 Angled Eye Blender
For brows and lashes | E06 Double Ended Brow/Spoolie.
For detailed application under the eyes | E07 Lip/Detailer Brush
Brush Set :
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Mascara |
Mascara and Shadow Shield |
Lashes |

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Beginner Eye Makeup Tutorials

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Makeup Tutorial

Beginner Makeup Lesson

One Brush Application


5 Step Makeup Tutorials

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This video is a beginner’s guide to eye makeup
From using primer, picking brushes, choosing eye shadows
Application method and fun tip and tricks!

Brushes –
Double Ended Pencil/Flat Shader Brush( E23/24)

Blending Duo (E25/26)



Eye Makeup For Beginners: …

Eye Makeup For Close Set Eyes: …

Eye Makeup For Wide Set Eye: …

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Beginner Eye Makeup | Eye Makeup Series Week 1


  1. TheMakeupChair says:

    Hello my friends!
    Sooo are you balanced? wide set or close set?
    Let me know so I know if I need to create more video for your set
    (course I will do all but I will know which to do first)
    I hope you enjoy our start to our eye makeup for beginners series
    If you want to request anything let me know 😘😘😘😘😘😘

    • Comagal Rajagopal says:

      Erica Fender even I feel the same thing.. it’s not our cup of tea I believe

    • Aamir Malik says:

      TheMakeupChair I guess so Its hard to tell

    • Abbie Mikel says:

      TheMakeupChair Mine are close set and deep set. I would love a video about this type of eyeshape! I find that a lot of eye makeup styles don’t look well on me. I can only do a light lid and darker outer corner that looks nice.

    • Comagal Rajagopal says:

      Balanced 😊

    • Erica Fender says:

      TheMakeupChair I so badly want to wear winged liner and have watched as many vids as I can find for my eyes. I am 38 and have hooded, downturned, sagging/droopy eyes/ crows feet already!! I’m dying to wear it and just can’t get help for my eye set. I would be willing to snap u a picture or anything. I’m desperate! I’m starting to feel like it’s just not in the cards for me to wear it 😪 plz help 🙏🏻🤞🏻

  2. Myriam Badea says:

    I’ve never seen such complex makeup tutorials as yours, Sinead. You are great, you are amazing!!! I just started commenting on your videos, even though I’ve been subscribed for 2 years. Have confidence, pray and try to relax as much as possible. Sweet kisses and hugs from Romania 💗💗💗

  3. Laurie Reeves says:

    I am close set. Please, please do some videos on that kind of eye. Again I am so very happy I found your channel. Happy Monday!

  4. Terri Cornwell says:

    Omg I NEED! These tutorials!! Thank you!! You’re the best

  5. Karen Wise says:

    Love this!!

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