✨2017✨ Faves and Flops! Makeup, Skincare, AND MORE! |Mackenzie Sumner

Todays video is my 2017 faves and flops. Boy! 2017 was a crazy roller coaster for me! full of faves and flops from makeup, skin care and my life! what are your goals for 2018?

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Cheap Makeup Tools I Use:
*Lighted Mirror

*Silver Makeup Brushes

Filming/Editing Equipment:

*Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T7i
*Microphone: Rode Microphone
*Editing: iMovie
*Computer: 13in June 2017 Macbook Pro
*Lights: Linco Photography SoftBox Studio Lighting (link below)

Any Amazon Links i do make very little commission with the amazon affiliates account. NOT sponsored by amazon.

Any and all reviews are my honest thoughts. My ideals of a product will not be altered by sponsorship.
*I will announce in video if i am sponsored*

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